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At TemplatesForCheap.com we strive to bring to the best template pack around for the best price.  In this package you have over 5000+ website templates that are able to use for any purpose you wish. Includes resale rights so you are able to sell these same templates for any price you see fit.

  5000+ Templates

Example Templates in the 5000+ Template Pack with Resale rights!


Flash Templates
Html Templates for Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and Adobe GoLive
Business Templates
Banner Templates
E-Book Templates
EBay Auction Templates
High Quality PSD'S
Over 1 gig of content to use. For instant download. Zipped for faster downloading.
Resale Rights included!


Webhosting company offer free templates to your clients.

Web Designer have a complete assortment of templates for any kind of job that you encounter.

If you want to start your own Website Template Company, this will get you started with over 5000 templates that you can sell for the price that you want maybe $10 to $20 dollars each!

Or if you just really want a great deal.  I sell these same templates for between $10 and $45 dollars each!


You can get 5000+ templates today for only $30 that's insanely low. Most of these templates can go for between $10 to $30 and even more others.  5000+ website templates for only $30!

5000+ Templates for only $49 $30

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